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Friday, August 10, 2007

Is As Seen On TV Products Perfect?


Ho Ho Ho - Artificial Christmas trees can be reused year after year, saving you money and helping save the environment - some people argue that the land used for growing Christmas trees could be used more productively to produce food. And, as real trees tend to be sold without roots, they end up being thrown out in the new year.

Have you ever wondered about all those "as seen on tv" ads and the claims of those products? Most people I know think that those "as seen on tv" products are all gimmicks. If those products were really legitimate, than why can't I get them at my neighborhood Wal-Mart or some other store?

If they are as fantastic as the TV ad says, why is it that this "as seen on tv" product is only available by calling in an order or going to the products website? I had my own "as seen on tv" experience this Christmas. I was given a gift. Some friends had bought the "as seen on tv" flashlights.

Ho Ho Ho - When designing hallways, you could always make a colorful banner that says "Merry Christmas".

These are the flashlights that never need batteries, can get run over by a car, float in water, are waterproof. In short, they are the miracle you were always waiting for. I must admit, when I saw the TV commercial, I was very skeptical. So when I opened this gift, I really was quite speechless. Was this a joke, or was it for real?

Let me tell you a little about my "as seen on tv" flashlights. They really don't need batteries. You just shake them and the energy from your motion changes into electrical energy and is stored in a capacitor inside the flashlight. Turn the flashlight on, and you have light until the stored energy is used up. If the light starts dimming, shake again a little. Wow! They really are waterproof.

Ho Ho Ho - Christmas is time to celebrate YOU! Uplift yourself with memories of the joys you discovered and successes you achieved over the year. Spend moments in gratitude for these wonderful memories.

They are totally sealed. There is no battery compartment to open up and the light should last for thousands of hours of use. I must confess though, that I haven't yet laid the flashlight on the ground and tried to drive over it. However, the housing of my "as seen on tv" flashlight is very sturdy. I think it just might survive.

My "as seen on tv" product is not perfect. The light doesn't last forever and I don't like to keep shaking just to be able to see. And yet, I have the perfect place for this light in my car. If I am ever stuck in the dark, I can be assured that I will always have some light easily available.

Ho Ho Ho - Gift an afternoon tea - type up a flyer for all the neighbors in your street to come for a Christmas afternoon tea.

I still don't understand why "as seen on tv" products are only available with a phone call or an internet site visit. I do know this, my experience showed that the product really was legitimate and did what was claimed in the TV commercial.

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