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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crazy Gift For Christmas - More Creative Ideas Please

By - More Christmas Ideas

Ho Ho Ho - In some colder climates there is a Christmas superstition that says you have to keep a Yule log burning for the 12 days of Christmas. If you let it go out gnome like mischief makers will come down the chimney and cause all kinds of mayhem like riding on the backs of people, braiding tails of horses and making milk sour! The family work hard to maintain the fire in the main room burning day and night.

When I was younger, the concept of time being a crazy gift made little sense to me. I associated the phrase with a whimsical vision of time. The passing of time did not occur to me. The irony of having too much time did not occur to me either. We do not consider the ironic elements of this crazy gift until we reach a certain age. This age is one in which we reflect on our lives.

Ho Ho Ho - Make a pattern of your desired Christmas flower, and then carefully cut it.

Time never goes quickly enough for the young. Children can't wait for Christmas. Summer vacation seems like an eternity away. There is always something to look forward to and time just gets in the way. Growing up seems to be such a long process that the crazy gift of time slips by during the stage of our lives in which we should be savoring each and every second.

We can't wait for our eighteenth birthday. Then the milestone of twenty-one is the decadent goal; that moment that marks our independence and establishes us as adults. We never think of the way that we wish the crazy gift away. We never think about how we watched the clock ticking our crazy gift of time into oblivion as we wish for the classroom bell to mark the end of Algebra class. We grow to wish away our lives in hopes that our work day will end.

Ho Ho Ho - Custom - To prevent quarrelling on Christmas day family members must place their shoes side by side Christmas Eve.

The Kevin Ayers song meant little to me years ago. Today, I understand how the crazy gift of time is an ironic present. Time begins to pass faster and faster as we begin to realize how very precious it is. It seems like just a moment ago, I was saying goodbye to my high school history teacher. The last thing he said to me was, "The rest is just a flash."

As I get older I notice that time has little regard for how sorry I am for wanting it to pass faster. I did not realize the crazy gift granted wishes. Although there is no way to recapture the past, maybe we can begin to savor our moments as they pass.

Ho Ho Ho - Real flowers needs a lot of time for maintenance while fake Christmas flowers do not require such high maintenance.

Many of my memories are closely linked to music. When I hear some songs that were popular years ago, I can remember events surrounding the music very vividly. At least, it seems that way. One song has been on my mind recently and this tune is one of great meaning to me now. I understand the lyrics to "Crazy Gift of Time" by Kevin Ayers so much better than I did years ago.

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