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Monday, July 16, 2007

Get Thank You Cards For All Occasions


Ho Ho Ho - Many people are familiar with the term 'The Twelve Days of Christmas,' but not everyone knows where it originated.

Thank you cards are appropriate for a large number of occasions, from reciving a birthday or Christmas gift to thanking someone for a dinner or concert invitation. An actual, physical thank you card will mean a lot more to your hosts or your gift-givers than a phone call or email will, even if you don't say a whole lot on the card. The card itself doesn't have to be very fancy either; most gift or holiday-card stores sell packs of thank you cards that are quite nice.

Ho Ho Ho - Take your Christmas Dinner budget and make a shopping list.

You don't necessarialy have to go to a specialty stationary store or printmaker to get your thank you cards, though these establishments, without a doubt, make the highest quality cards around. If you do go the custom route your options are almost limitless; embossing, ribbons, wax seals, personalization, or specialty papers and envelopes are all popular options.

Thank you cards are especially helpful if you've been given a gift or invited to an event by someone you don't know particularly well, since your card will imbed yourself in their memory. Being remembered is particularly nice if you're sending the thank you card to a superior or a business investor, since it's always good to be remembered by these sorts of people in the future.

Ho Ho Ho - Take the total of your Christmas expenses and divide it by the total amount of pays until next Christmas.

Before our current era of email and telephones, the humble letter was the only way to communicate over long distances. We now give the letter a certain amount of romanticism since it represents a bygone era.

However, in the past few years we've seen a slight renaissance in letter writing; stationary stores and specialty papermakers have reported that they've seen more people interested in designer papers and wax seals than they've seen in years. It's tough to completely revive letter writing though, since after all, writing an email or dialing up someone on the phone takes a lot less time than it takes to sit down and write a letter.

Though there's a good chance you won't turn off your computer and start writing letters to everyone you know instead of jotting them an email, there is one artifact of the times of letter writing that should find its way back into everyone's life: the simple thank you card.

Ho Ho Ho - Artificial Christmas trees fold up compactly for storage and are easy to transport - unlike a tall real tree that can be a struggle to fit into the car and squeeze through the door.

When writing the thank you card, remember to be both cordial and specific. Be sure to let your reader know why exactly you enjoyed the gift or invitation or what, exactly, you're thankful for.

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